tgin: Washing Toddler’s natural curly hair

November 07, 2016

tgin: Washing Toddler’s natural curly hair

Using tgin to manage your Toddler’s natural Curly hair

Managing your Toddler’s Curly Hair can be frustrating for both of you

But it needs to be done… let me tell you what I do, to keep us both happy! 

Tips and Tricks, to make hair wash day stress-free.

  1. Stay calm!
  2. Be patient and make the process a positive one – for some kids it’s scary to have water poured over their head and face.
  3. I like to give positive words of encouragement throughout the process (i.e. ‘good job’, ‘we are almost done’, ‘thanks you for being so good’, etc.). This has helped Anjuli to enjoy the experience, which I hope she carries through to adulthood.
  4. I recommend you purchase a Shampoo Visor Cap with no velcro. This helps to prevent water, shampoo and conditioner from going into your child’s the eyes and mouth.
  5. I use and recommend the tgin product line (Shampoo, Hair Conditioner and Honey Miracle Hair Mask. I find this to be the magic potion!  When I apply the products I like to massage the scalp. This removes product built up  that have accumulated on the scalp and most importantly helps to relax my daughter.
  6. Since my daughter has very tight curls, I find it extremely important to detangle the hair when I am applying the conditioner and/or hair mask. To detangle  I either use my  fingers or a detangling brush (Denman), then I rinse her hair.
  7. Now to remove excess water, I use a plain white t-shirt to ‘squeeze’ out the excess water. This will keep the curls from becoming tangled and will leave moisture in the hair. Remember when you are doing this, you are not rubbing the hair dry, you are ‘squeezing’ out the excess water. 

Now after you are done, have a glass of wine and prepare for the next Hair Wash Day!

Please, comment and let me know if these tips have been helpful. Your feedback is always appreciated.

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